Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education, Wayne State College in Wayne, Nebraska

K-8 Elementary Education

K-12 Coaching



2015-Present 3rd Grade Teacher at Cambridge Academy-Mesa

2014-2015  6th grade Teacher at Golden Hills Elementary in Papillion, Nebraska

2013-2014  6th grade
Teacher at Golden Hills Elementary in Papillion, Nebraska

2012-2013    PDS Intern, Kindergarten, Lewis and Clark Elementary in South Sioux City, Nebraska 

2010-2013 Freshman Volleyball Coach, West High School in Sioux City, Iowa
2014-2015 8th grade Volleyball Coach, Papillion Middle School in Papillion, NE

I became a teacher for a very simple (albeit perhaps somewhat cliché) reason - I want to make a difference. While there are many fields in which I could accomplish this goal, I feel that education is the one in which I can have the greatest impact. Every day, children around the world are being told that they aren't good enough, or that they just "can't". As a teacher, I feel I have a positive platform from which to dispel that fallacy. I realize that teaching is a profession that can be supremely exhausting, but I know in my heart that the benefits outweigh the fatigue ten times over. Teaching requires patience, understanding, compassion, and enthusiasm - all things that I am more than willing to provide on a daily basis.

I am a new resident of Arizona as I moved here in June of this year from Nebraska. The weather is fabulous here and I am not missing the harsh winters. When I am not in the classroom I tend to keep myself quite busy with all the new adventures Arizona has to offer, from traveling to Flagstaff for skiing, Jerome for hiking or checking out the Public Libraries for new reads! I am an avid reader. Also, I am a dog lover and I am the proud dog mom to Chance (Lab Mix).                     


Michelle S. Wiig  

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